February 22, 2007

We are not amused

Deval Patrick as quoted in the Boston Globe story mentioned in the preceding post:

"I am so sorry that we have all spent the kind of time we have on what we have spent time on, and I am sorry that I have been responsible for that.

Is it my imagination or does Patrick rely a tad too abundantly on use of the royal "we"? Oui?

Then again, maybe that's just we, ah, me ...

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Anonymous said...

You are so right, Jack, there is nothing funny about our newly elected Govenor. He will step in "it" if "it's" there as he doesn't seem to get "it" while he does speak "it".

I've been worried about him since he jumped on the band wagon, Cape Wind, calling it the "first commercial wind farm" in the USA after "extensive" research. He failed to discover during his reseach that commercial wind "farms" have been in operation in the U.S. for over twenty years, (but not that equally misinformed voters could put him in the Governor's office).

This is only the beginning. I think Deval Patrick has serious character flaws. And, that he's a bad liar, too. What $5,000.00 check for DNA testing paid to help fee a rapist? I read that he didn't even represent LaGuer.
Did you also read, Jack, that Deval stated that the Caddy was his choice as the manufacturer no longer made the model that Mitt and other officials drove? Of course, the auto manufacturer stated that this was untrue.

This state is in for a wild ride with this guy. I hope that he is discovered by Hollywood execs. sooner than later; and that he bails on our State to join Al Gore.

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