February 17, 2007

Cadillac Deval

Word out of Beacon Hill via an Associated Press story earlier tonight that new Bay State governor Deval Patrick apparently wants more than chopper rides when it comes to taxpayer-funded percs. The AP is reporting that Patrick has decided on a Cadillac DeVille for his work vehicle, rather than the all too common and less expensive Crown Victoria (the car used by half the cops in America).

The AP also reports that a staffer has been brought on board -- at a $72,000 annual salary -- to handle media inquiries and public appearances for Patrick's wife. Curiously, the administration spokesperson quoted in the story was uncertain as to how many media inquiries and public appearances for Patrick's better half are currently being handled.

You'd think at least one person close to the "newly minted" governor would have pointed out the unfortunate similarity between Patrick's first name and vehicle of choice.

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