December 30, 2008

Sound familiar?

"Vietnam's Communist leaders are counting on a $6 billion stimulus program to inject some zip into the country's economy and help its privately owned exporters survive the global slump" -- from story in today's Wall Street Journal, Page A4

December 24, 2008

Maddow video for 12/24 NewsBusters post

December 18, 2008

Come to think of it, Granholm does know what the White House is doing

Unintentionally funny moment yesterday on Ed Schultz's radio show when Schultz asked Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm about the Bush administration's role in possible bailout of the Big Three. Granholm's response --
"I'm not sure what the White House is doing. Actually, I mean, I just got off the phone with them. I know that they are looking at a wide variety of options and that they're going to present the president with the best option of all of those options."
Translation: Actually, I mean, I know what the White House is doing and I don't agree with it.

December 17, 2008

Outstanding documentary on C-SPAN

Or more accurately, a series of documentaries, all during White House Week -- rarely seen glimpses of the executive mansion, tours, archival footage -- great stuff!

December 5, 2008

Report: Caroline Kennedy mulling NY Senate seat

This according to The Note from ABC News --

Another Senator Kennedy? The crazy speculation about Hillary Clinton's Senate seat may not be so crazy after all. A Democrat who would know tells ABC News that New York governor David Paterson has talked to Caroline Kennedy about taking the seat, which was once held by her uncle, Robert F. Kennedy. It’s not exactly shocking that Paterson would reach out to one of the most highly respected public figures in New York, but this is: Sources say Kennedy is considering it, and has not ruled out coming to Washington to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

A few years ago, the famously private Caroline Kennedy would be the last Kennedy expected to serve in Congress, but of course, she took on a much more high-profile role during the presidential campaign and, if she does it, would be more than New York’s junior Senator; she’d have closer ties to the Obama White House than any of her colleagues, a direct line to the East Wing.

When Robert Kennedy, Jr. took himself out of the running for the seat earlier this week, he told Jonathan Hicks of the New York Times, “Caroline Kennedy would be the perfect choice if she would agree to it.” And one more thing: We hear that President-elect Obama has made it clear that he thinks Caroline Kennedy would be a great choice.

If this actually happens, I wouldn't be surprised. Caroline Kennedy is the Kennedys' last hope, at least when it comes to politics.

December 3, 2008

Golden Moonbat Award, #3

Liberal radio host Ed Schultz on his show today, describing the economic downturn and contemporary liberalism in the same breath --
"This is a global situation. We have to be Americans and we have to puck up and you know what? We all have to be risk-takers, not personally, we're going to have to be risk-takers through the government."

Economy Officially in Recession, Maddow Giddy in Response

... As described by me in a blog post earlier today at NewsBusters.

December 2, 2008

Looking good for Cape Wind

... according to a story in today's Boston Globe --
The Bush administration is expected to issue as early as Friday a favorable final environmental review of the nation's first offshore wind farm project, clearing the way for Cape Wind to obtain a federal lease to erect 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound.

Nicholas Pardi, a spokesman for the Minerals Management Service, said last week that the agency, part of the Interior Department, is planning to release its findings "by the end of the year." Supporters of the project who have been told of the agency's timetable said a favorable review should come in the next few weeks and possibly on Dec. 5. ...
I've written a bit about the Cape Wind project over the years, first as a reporter with the Cape Cod Times and then as blogger at Wind Farmer's Almanac and Renewable Energy Revolution, media adviser to the Clean Power Now non-profit advocacy group, op-ed contributor to the Providence Journal and freelance writer at