April 28, 2009

Report: GOP Sen. Arlen Specter Switching to Democrats

As being reported by CNN, according to an email blast I received a few minutes ago. If true, hardly a surprise but begs the question -- will Specter continue crossdressing?

Update, 2:20 pm -- Guess this means Michael Moore won't be doing any documentaries about Specter's long-suspected role in JFK assassination ...

April 24, 2009

In new book, Wendy Kaminer describes ACLU censoring itself

Why does this not come as a total shock?

As described by John Leo in his "Bookshelf" column in today's Wall Street Journal, reviewing Wendy Kaminer's new book, "Worst Instincts: Cowardice, Conformity, and the ACLU" --
In 2006, the ACLU descended into self-satire by drawing up a gag order to cover its own board members -- no public criticism of policies or personnel, because speaking out might hurt fund raising. When word got out, a storm of ridicule forced the withdrawal of the plan. But Ms. Kaminer notes that only six of the 53 ACLU affiliates protested the no-dissent policy; the ACLU apparently couldn't be bothered to defend its own right to free speech.
I especially like that last sentence.

April 15, 2009

April 14, 2009

Matt Foley returns!

You remember, the best character ever on "Saturday Night Live"? Going by a different name this time around -- radio and MSNBC host Ed Schultz, as I describe in a blog post at NewsBusters.

April 8, 2009

No thanks to you, Mr. President

"From getting rid of Saddam, to reducing violence, to stabilizing the country, to facilitating elections -- you have given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country. That is an extraordinary achievement" -- Obama in Baghdad during photo-op visit with American troops.

An "extraordinary achievement" that would have been squandered had the United States done what Obama wanted and turned tail before the surge.

April 2, 2009

It's official: Ed Schultz gets show on MSNBC

... And as I asked aloud back on March 22, Schultz is bumping David Shuster from the 6-7 pm slot, with the nomadic Shuster co-hosting a two-hour show at mid-afternoon.

Inexplicably -- though perhaps not, considering this is MSNBC -- the network will continue showing repeats at 10 and 11 p.m., of earlier shows by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

Rachel Maddow, more bizarre than usual

On her show last night, the ever-smarmy MSNBC pundit talked about Obama in London for the G-20 summit and "dancing on the grave of the Cold War with the Russian president."

You know, kinda like socialists are inclined to do.