February 22, 2007

Obama to Clinton: back of the bus is thataway

How about that, looks like Barack Obama might be running for president after all -- and not vice president.

Still, eternities to go before this thing is decided and the Obama-Clinton dust-up over David Geffen is one of many we're sure to see.

I'm not surprised in the least that Billary reacted the way they did -- without Hollywood, they're toast!


Anonymous said...

I know it's very early on, Jack, but please don't tell me that our next President will be a non-card carrying socialist.


Barbara Durkin

left wing escapee said...

alas, Barbara, looks like the pendulum could be swinging that way. Not entirely a bad thing, however. Last time it did, the Dems screwed up so badly that they were banished from the White House for nearly all of the following generation (Carter being the exception, and he barely won at that)