February 22, 2007

Patrick breaks from spending spree to state the obvious

What follows is the headline of a story on front page of today's Boston Globe, accompanied by photo of Deval Patrick with horde of pesky reporters --

'We screwed up' on spending'

Subtext: There, you happy?! ... Now leave me alone!


Nancy Reagan said...

Yes, but what about the china? The governor's office is really, badly in need of new china. Just a thought.

Travis Bickle said...

You talkin' to me ... you talkin to me ...

Anonymous said...

"We screwed up" on voting. I do note your earlier point, Jack, regarding Deval's overuse use of the word "We." If, or should I say, when, Deval is going, (goes) down, "We" are all going down with him.


Barbara Durkin