February 20, 2007

Dovetailing with that 28 percent who've been comatose in recent years

An Associated Press story today under the headline, "Poll: Few see clash between Islam, West - Only 28 percent believe cultures are doomed to conflict," as published in today's (Quincy, Mass.) Patriot Ledger --

LONDON -- A majority of people around the world do not believe the world is locked in a 'clash of civilizations' that will lead to violent conflict between Islam and the West, according to the findings of a poll being published today.

The British Broadcasting Corp. World Servive poll of more than 28,000 people found that 56 percent believed that 'common ground can be found' between Muslims and Westerners, while only 28 percent said violence was inevitable.

"... said violence was inevitable" -- huh?! Hate to break the news to the poll's respondents, but this genie's long been out of the bottle.

Guess I'm among that remaining 16 percent who believe lack of common ground between radical Islam and the West is the cause of frequent violence, the vast majority of which is Muslims slaughtering other Muslims. Which is not to say I disagree with the 56 percent seeing potential "common ground." This assumes, however, that you're dealing with rational people, thereby excluding jihadists and their hand-wringers in the West.

Something tells me the BBC neglected to include Islamist fanatics in their poll. But as they showed on Sept. 11, it takes only 19 people in a world numbering nearly 6 billion to demonstrate that "violence was inevitable."


Erin Blair said...

Any word on who respondents think is the father of Ana Nicole Smith's baby?

Abdul bin Kaboom said...

Look on the bright side - inevitable violence gets me that much closer to those 72 hot virgins I've been struggling to ignore during the jihad.