August 30, 2007

Pay no attention to his running dog-eared copy of Little Red Book

Exceedingly angry left-wing radio host Mike Malloy, again from last night's rant - in response to a caller quoting Frederick Douglass -

"Well how many people are familiar with the sayings of Frederick Douglass, A, or the sayings of Mao for that matter. They were pretty similar. Not that I'm a Maoist by any means, but when it comes revolutionary statements, you get them where you get them."

" ... you get them where you get them ..."? Yes, especially when they hit close to home.

Yet another example of the love that dares not speak its name.

Yes, it is so 5-year-old, Mike

Unhinged moonbat radio host Mike Malloy on his show last night, of the vastly more intelligent and talented Rush Limbaugh -

"You know sometimes I wish Rush Limbaugh would choke to death on his next plate of crab legs with Oxycontin on the side, I really do. What a vicious, vile, hate-filled man. It's just, he's, he's he's ... (deep breath) ... And I normally don't wish people dead, I mean, that's so 5-year-old, isn't it, huh?

"But when I hear Rush Limbaugh's voice and his point of view, I just wish he'd choke to death."

That'll shut him up!

August 28, 2007

Reminiscent of relentlessly biased coverage

A story published yesterday by the New York Times Service, running under the headline "Bush relentless in making case for his Iraq strategy," and written by Steven Lee Myers:

CRAWFORD, Texas - President Bush's Iraq strategy faces a crisis of faith these days - from the American public. And he is confronting it the way he has previous crises: with a relentless campaign to persuade people to see things his way.
Bush interrupted his annual August retreat here last week for a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars replete with historical references to Vietnam.
Back at his ranch, he recorded a radio address that showed neither doubt nor any intention to reducing the U.S. commitment in Iraq. On Tuesday, he will speak to the American Legion in Reno, Nev., arguing a hasty withdrawal of troops would prove disastrous.

( ... wow, two speeches and a radio address - pretty "relentless" stuff ...)

"We are still in the early stages of our new operations," Bush said in the radio address Saturday as if there were not those who fervently wished the country was in the later stages, preparing to bring the troops home.

(... most of whom are dutifully employed in the mainstream media ...)

In military parlance, the White House's strategy is called preparing the battlefield - in this case for the series of reports and hearings scheduled on Capitol Hill next month to debate the wisdom of struggling on in the midst of Iraq's sectarian chaos and bloodshed. If recent history is a guide, Bush may well prevail, as he did in January when he made a similar blitz ...

(... as Nazis are inclined to do ...)

... to build the case for dispatching more troops to Iraq, despite swelling public opposition to the war and a Democratic rout in last November's elections.

( ... what's this "rout" stuff, paleface ...?)

August 27, 2007

Is there another kind?

From an Associated Press obituary today for Grace Paley, who died last week of breast cancer.

NEW YORK - Poet and short story writer Grace Paley, a literary eminence and old-fashioned eminence who described herself as a "combative pacifist," has died. She was 84.