September 6, 2008

Unhinged radio talk show host alert

Listeners to "The Ed Schultz Show" must wonder if McCain's selection of Sarah Palin for running mate brought out the inner Neanderthal in Schultz, a top-ranked progressive talker who broadcasts out of Fargo, N.D.

All through his show on Monday, Schultz disparaged Palin as an "empty pantsuit" and "Mary Kay salesman" and went so far as to challenge Palin's fitness as a mother.

"The other issue that's been brought up, her child, recently giving birth to a child, is Down syndrome," Schultz said. "What kind of a family value is it for a mother to run off and run for the vice presidency of the United States in this situation?! I'm just asking."

Later in the show, Schultz pursued the same line of criticism. "How much time is she going to be able to spend with a Down syndrome baby at four months and be vice president of the United States?!" Schultz asked emphatically. "What's the priority here?!

By the last hour of Monday's show, Schultz's female listeners had enough. When a third woman called and accused Schultz of "attacking" Palin, Schultz's volcanic temper erupted.

"I'm not attacking her personally!" Schultz shouted. "Don't tell me that! I am tired of that! I am not attacking anyone personally! She is a right-wing ideologue and she is inexperienced!"

Schultz undoubtedly did little to endear himself with women by also referring that day to Cindy McCain as a "bimbo," a cheap shot he proudly keeps repeating ever since as an alleged badge of honor.

Something else happened during the week -- Schultz developed selective amnesia about his criticism of Palin as unfit mother. By Thursday he was fobbing it off on his callers and blaming them.

"I was watching MSNBC yesterday afternoon," Schultz said, "and Peggy Noonan, former speechwriter for Reagan, basically quoted me, she referred to me, saying that she had watched some cable news show the other night and somebody said, questioning whether she was a good mother or not. I wasn't doing that. I was being a facilitator because callers to this program were asking, where are her priorities?"

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