September 20, 2008

Alaska state senator: Monegan was subject of previous probe by same Troopergate investigator

This was the eyebrow-raising revelation by Alaska state senator Bill Wielchowski, appearing Thursday on Ed Schultz's radio show to discuss the so-called Troopergate scandal.

Wielchowski disputed GOP assertions that the current probe has become politicized while he also touted investigator Steve Branchflower's credentials, describing him as a former prosecutor with more than two decades' experience who no longer lives in Alaska. Then came this --

"In fact," Wielchowski said, "he actually wrote a scathing report about Walt Monegan, the commissioner, a few years ago on another issue," (emphasis added) after which Wielchowski laughed.

Upon hearing that, any radio host with an ounce of curiosity -- or interest in the truth -- would have asked the inevitable follow-up question -- gee, what was that all about? Not Schultz -- he moved right to the next subject, and Wielchowski did not elaborate.

Just as curious is the apparent lack of information in the public domain about Branchflower's previous investigation of Monegan, the former Alaska public safety commissioner fired by Palin in July. Quick searches via Google and a glance through the Anchorage Daily News' Troopergate archives turned up nothing, not even in an Aug. 2 story about Branchflower being hired for the investigation. Maybe it's out there, somewhere, and if so I'd love to see it.

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