September 4, 2008

Rachel Maddow, slippery as usual

Classic example of Air America Radio host Rachel Maddow's twisted logic - on Tuesday, MSNBC's "Race for the White House" host David Gregory asked whether Barack Obama's lack of experience was fair game for criticism if Democrats disparaged Sarah Palin for the same.

Maddow's response:
If you have an inexperienced vice president, that means that the country could be in their hands. With Barack Obama, if they experience worries about him, if something happens to him, the country will be in good hands with Joe Biden. It doesn't go both directions.
Actually it does, and in a way that undercuts Maddow's argument. If you have an inexperienced president - Obama, for example - that means the country will be in his hands.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word... does this woman not understand what she actually said? Please tell me Rachel Maddow is not that stupid.

Can she seriously believe that a successful Governor and former Mayor has LESS experience than (paraphrased) "I thought about joing the military but there was no war to make it noble" Obama? Truly, what is his experience? Biased talk shows w/Oprah (she who won't use her show as a political platform! Too late, Ms. Winfrey!)? Where's the budget success - buying his house for $400k LESS than market from Rezko?

Puh-leeze... if McCain dies in office (unlikely, given the blooming health of his 96-year-old mother!), then THANK GOD for Mrs. Palin in the wings, ready to take over as President. Aim high!

Jack Coleman said...

The pity of it is, Maddow isn't that stupid, yet she still says things like this. She has a doctorate in political science and from Oxford at that, if I recall correctly. She likes to remind her Air America listeners of this with a periodic "Ask Dr. Maddow" question-and-answer feature.