October 13, 2008

Ed Schultz's alleged disdain for 'vile' rhetoric

Lefty radio host Ed Schultz wasted little time demonstrating rank hypocrisy during Friday's show. In the first hour, Schultz condemned criticism of Obama from McCain-Palin supporters as seen in a video posted at blogger interrupted from a Palin rally in Ohio.

Here's what Schultz had to say --
"But it's the hate in their heart that is so disturbing. It's the vile attitude that they would have towards an already elected American official. It's as if, you know, Barack Obama is coming out of the sewer, as Lucifer himself. (Schultz lowers voice for emphasis) He's a United States senator. He's been elected to a very elite body of representatives that guide this country in some very tough times of decision making, whether you like the body or not."
All of 10 minutes later Schultz makes what might be construed as a "vile" statement about Sen. Norm Coleman, based on a report in Harper's about a wealthy supporter buying clothes for Coleman --
"Look, Norm, just answer the question. Did somebody else by your freakin' clothes, you scumbag?"
In case Schultz has forgotten, Coleman is a United States senator who's been elected to a very elite body of representatives who guide this country in, ah, "some very tough times of decision making," whether Schultz likes the body or not.

Perhaps Schultz should have called his book "Hate Talk from the Heartland," as suggested by Power Line after Schultz allegedly assaulted a conservative critic in a hotel bar.

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