October 6, 2008

Biden acknowledges post-Democratic convention doubts about Obama

... As described by Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter on Ed Schultz's radio show today, with Alter telling Schultz about interviewing Biden on Friday, the day after Biden's vice presidential debate with Sarah Palin --
"One thing that he talked about that was quite interesting to me was Obama's role during the bailout and he said, you know, he talked about this conference call with Warren Buffett and Paul Volcker and Obama's other economic advisers, Bob Rubin, and how much, as he described it, he said Obama was in friggin' command! You know, he was really exercised about how good and how sophisticated Obama was in his handling of that crisis and how much, you know, he seemed like a president on those conference calls. He said he called him later and said, you know, you sold me, sucker! You know, which is kind of the way Joe Biden talks. Now that was interesting because it was a little bit of a reflection that, I think, Biden, not just because he ran against Obama, but because, you know, he's so much more junior, had some questions over the course of 2008 about whether Obama was really ready and had the capacity to be a great president. And those questions have been resolved in Joe Biden's mind."
Resolved in Biden's mind during the financial crisis -- which began fully a month after the Democratic convention. With Biden harboring doubts about Obama in the interim.


Wm & Sandra said...

What an interesting post. Joe Biden is an unprincipled fool. He has some inner vision of himself that is completely delusional.
I read your bio Mr. Coleman and you have made great strides into your redemption.Your soul is the last step . Try reading some apologetics and consider the stuff by Frank Turek. He is terrific.

Jack Coleman said...

thanks for the tip and for your comment