August 27, 2008

What the heck, how 'bout liveblogging Bubba too

... Actually voted for the man, and twice at that. Pre-adulthood.

9:02 -- Clinton enters to funky version of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow." I didn't think there was such a thing, either.

9:05 -- Still imploring delegates to sit ... now, please!

9:06 -- "I love Joe Biden and America will too." Clearly this is not the case now.

9:07 -- First lower-lip bite, a golden oldie.

9:08 -- Egads, Chevy Chase! Still milking that single year as anchorman on SNL.

9:10 -- Why is Michelle Obama wearing blue swirly doughnuts on her dress?

9:11 -- Obama will repair "our badly strained military." And never use it again.

9:12 -- By picking Biden, Obama "hit it out of the park." Right up there with "I did not have sex ..."9:14 -- Diplomacy first and military force "as a last resort." In other words, we gotta get hit first.

9:16 -- Fifteen minutes in, the recognition takes hold among delegates -- Bubba likes his speeches long, and he'll be followed by a windbag non pareil.

9:18 -- Obligatory mention of Katrina, helping patch Hillary's omission.

9:20 -- McCain as "extreme" ... well, yes, compared to Kucinich.

9:22 -- "In this case, the third time is not the charm" -- Master of the Trite.

9:23 -- Lower Lip Bite #2.

9:25 -- Yes, "a place called hope." The man is shameless.

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