August 26, 2008

First stab at liveblogging, while watching Hillary Clinton speak at DNC

10:37 -- Obligatory video intro ... to different versions of "You Really Got Me" (wow, that's chutzpah) ... Lenny Kravitz ... Tom Petty's "American Girl" ... kewl!

10:40 -- Is it my imagination or is there a heck of a lot more Chelsea than Bill in this video ...?

10:42 -- Chelsea introduces "my hero," her mother ... whatever happened to "heroine"?

10:43 -- Who suggested orange pantsuit, Billy Corgan?

10:44 -- Clinton supporters go wild while Michelle Obama grits teeth and makes sound of one hand clapping

10:47 -- Fox News cutting to reactions from Biden and Michelle Obama after every second or third sentence; half dozen shots of Obama, she hasn't smiled yet (a real one anyway, like those in abundance at last night's communal hug)

10:49 -- Switching over to MSNBC ... more reaction shots from crowd

10:54 -- Five minutes in, still no reax from Biden/Mrs. O on MSNBC As if viewers don't want to see this, albeit not every 10 seconds. Over to CNN ...

10:56 -- Not a barn-burner but doing what it has to do; Clinton is relaxed, confident, poised. This could be her last big moment before such a large audience. She knows she has to nail it.

10:58 -- CNN reaction shot of stone-faced Michelle Obama.

11:01 -- "And we know that President Obama will end the war in Iraq responsibly" ... a war that's already ending, and would have been lost had the US done what Obama wanted two years ago.

11:04 -- Biden nails look of feigned reverence

11:07 -- Count me among those who think Clinton would have made a better pick for Obama than Biden, a belief that preceded her speech

11:09 -- Not many people wiping away tears, though

11:10 -- Claims progress "impossible" without Democrat in White House ... checking lower part of garment for spontaneous combustion ...

11:14 -- Plausible praise for Michelle Obama and Joe Biden

11:15 -- Enough of this for now ...

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