March 16, 2010

David Shuster tells Ed Schultz: Democrats may miss another health bill deadline

Interesting revelation today from MSNBC anchor David Shuster appearing as guest on Ed Schultz's radio show, about Democrats missing self-imposed deadline of passing health bill by this weekend --
SHUSTER: Now there's been some talk that James Clyburn, for example, who's the whip counter in the House, he suggested this could slide to Easter. I think if that does, that would be a huge problem and that may be an indication, that may be some of his sort of efforts to pressure members to make up their mind.

SCHULTZ: Wow. To Easter? That's another deadline that's pushed back after the White House said that it would be the law of the land this weekend. ... I think it's the right call to get a vote now. It's either going to work now or it's not. But to push it back to Easter, that's almost an admission that they're really in trouble, don't you think?

SHUSTER: I agree 100 percent.
Does this mean Obama might postpone trip to Asia a second time?

UPDATE: The Hill reports along same lines

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