January 14, 2010

The photo that might cost Coakley the election

There she is, folks, the top law enforcement official from the state of Massachusetts watching as one of her goons shoves a Weekly Standard reporter to the sidewalk outside a Washington restaurant Tuesday night after Coakley attended a fundraiser with health care lobbyists hoping to buy her vote for ObamaCare.

The reporter's offense? Daring to ask Coakley a question.

The goon in question? An Obama nominee, no less, named Michael Meehan. And the man just over Meehan's right shoulder? Coakley's predecessor as Bay State attorney general, Tom Reilly.

This coming only one day after Coakley ran an attack ad with an image of Rush Limbaugh giving what appears to be a Nazi salute -- in other words, conservatives are Nazis. Followed within 24 hours by this thuggery.

These people are beyond shame.

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