April 2, 2009

Rachel Maddow, more bizarre than usual

On her show last night, the ever-smarmy MSNBC pundit talked about Obama in London for the G-20 summit and "dancing on the grave of the Cold War with the Russian president."

You know, kinda like socialists are inclined to do.

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nic jones said...

Rachel Maddow Left-Wing Whore of the socialist underground must be out of MSNBC Now! A call to action, we can not allow Maddow, Schultz, O'Donnell or any other left-wing, socialist continue to poison our air waves or our people with their crap. It is not about the freedom of speech or press, it is about right and wrong. They love socialism so much, then get the hell out of this country. Get on a plane and try it out in Venezuela for a few months, or maybe go to Cuba and pitch in at the sugar plantations and see how you like it then or even China, not the new China, but the real China where most of the population is hungry and living below poverty level. Like most democrats and left-wing sociallist they love to point, they love to talk about these great things, they love to be high on the pulpit, the love to wave the American flag as though they hone it, in the end they really like to do all this from a distance, it is all a show, YOU ARE ALL DAM COWARDS, better said by our friend and leader "BUNCH YELLOW BELLY"