March 10, 2009

MSNBC possibly grooming Ed Schultz for TV show

Wouldn't surprise me in the least, seeing how Schultz's politics dovetail so neatly with those of MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

As reported today by The New York Observer --

On the morning of Monday, March 9th, liberal talk radio host Ed Schultz, who bills himself as the "most listened-to progressive radio talk show host in America," announced on his Web site that he would be guest-hosting MSNBC's 6 p.m. show 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the following evening.

Word of the announcement promptly touched off a fresh set of rumors among MSNBC staffers that the network's president Phil Griffin might be grooming Mr. Schultz to join the channel on a fulltime basis ...
Follow this link for the rest of the Observer story.


Anonymous said...

I hope Ed gets his own show!!! I would watch it every night. What a refreshing difference from what we have been having for the past 8 years.

Jack Coleman said...

I hope he does too - more blog work for me at NewsBusters!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!
Let's have MORE!