December 3, 2008

Economy Officially in Recession, Maddow Giddy in Response

... As described by me in a blog post earlier today at NewsBusters.


JohnnyRussia said...

It's called "gallows humor", but then you right-wingers rarely get beyond your simpleton's default analysis.

Jack Coleman said...

You see it as gallows humor, I see it as glee in response to misery, which is perverse, as is defending it.

JohnnyRussia said...

Any style of humor always has seemed to escape the fringe-right.

Nobody is laughing at the recession, but we are laughing at the fact that many on the right have been denying its existence until very recently.

Jack Coleman said...

Hmm, you could be onto something about humor, JR. Just about all the class clowns as I recall were future liberals.

"Many" of us on the right have no problem seeing the reality of our ailing economy for what it is, no matter how strenuously you claim otherwise.