August 30, 2007

Pay no attention to his running dog-eared copy of Little Red Book

Exceedingly angry left-wing radio host Mike Malloy, again from last night's rant - in response to a caller quoting Frederick Douglass -

"Well how many people are familiar with the sayings of Frederick Douglass, A, or the sayings of Mao for that matter. They were pretty similar. Not that I'm a Maoist by any means, but when it comes revolutionary statements, you get them where you get them."

" ... you get them where you get them ..."? Yes, especially when they hit close to home.

Yet another example of the love that dares not speak its name.


Trevor said...

i have to hope beyond hope that you aren't bashing fredrick douglas or his relevancy

Trevor said...

(forgot the e) in frederick
still don't bash him thought

escapee said...

wouldn't think of it, Trevor. My target was Malloy, not Douglass.