May 21, 2007

There they go again

A dutiful heads-up about Democrats in Congress by way of the observant editorial page editors of the Wall Street Journal, from an editorial in the May 19-20 weekend edition of the paper --

"With all the other news this week, the media barely noticed that Congressional Democrats passed a budget outline that envisions more than $200 billion in tax increases over five years. Seems worth reporting to us." (emphasis added)

This at a time when the cumulative effect of the Bush tax cuts have federal revenues climbing so rapidly "that this year they may reach 19 percent of GPD -- above the 40-year average of 18.3 percent. Apparently, Democrats think this tax windfall isn't enough."

1 comment:

crallspace said...

Unless you're making over 500,000 a year, Bush's tax cuts don't help.

I used to be anti-tax and thought people would pay for the services out of the kindness of their heart- what a fantasy. Greed rules.

After the Bush years, taxes will have to be raised. We are bankrupt and the nation is falling apart. Glad the super rich Wal Mart family elite types got their tax cut. Helps us regular guys alot.