April 9, 2007

Meet Emmett Till -- sexist pig, former civil rights icon

Still hard to believe this one ... as reported in the Los Angeles Times last month and wending its way through the blogosphere --

"Administrators at a Los Angeles charter school forbade students from reciting a poem about civil rights icon Emmett Till during a Black History Month program recently, saying his story was unsuitable for an assembly of young children."
"Teachers and students said the administration suggested that the Till case -- in which a teenager was beaten to death in Mississippi after allegedly whistling at a white woman -- was not fitting for a program intended to be celebratory ..." (Up from Slavery!) "... and that Till's actions could be viewed as sexual harassment."

... and the actions of these overwrought educators could be viewed as a classic example of politically correct lunacy.

Yes, let's deprive school children of learning about one of the pivotal episodes in the civil rights movement because Till was clearly a Neanderthal in desperate need of re-education. True, what Till's killers did was egregious, but at least they hadn't whistled at a woman. See how it works?

Tip of the hat to Keith Gottschalk at rabble news for this one.


Exile from Hillary's Village said...

Congrats on escaping from the Left. They had to exile me.

What I want to know is...how do they decide which "victim group" takes precedence?

From my studies of the Left, it would seem that "race" would trump "gender". After all, "Racist" is the worst attack that they can come up with. Apparently, I'm wrong.

Do they have one of those little cards in their wallet that Poker players use? You know...instead of "3-of-a-kind beats two-pair", do they have "White woman beats Wolf-whistling black man"?

I'm pretty sure that "Black, poor, disabled female with AIDS" would equal a "Royal Flush" on that card.

P.S. I'll try to put you on my blogroll this week sometime.

Morpheus said...
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Morpheus said...

It's funny, in a way, that you would bring this up, particularly in this manner. After all it is conservatives, political and otherwise, that support political correctness much more so than those of any other ideology, including liberals, political and otherwise!

If you want to blame someone, or a group of ppl, for the behavior of political correctness, and for propagating and encouraging that behavior, then blame Faux News, blame the fraud that gives the long speech at the next Amway/Quixstar meeting, blame "Shakes"/"Wiggles", the guy who used to stand outside the Franklin Mills Mall wiggling and holding a sign...

In short, blame those that are responsible; yourself and those like you! Political ignorance is not a virtue!!